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About Us

Our Vision

The Raw Gourmand has a vision to share raw/vegan restaurants, products and recipes with a world that knows the value of eating a raw/vegan diet.  We also have a vision to share the health benefits and stories of people who have actually lived the dream of becoming healthier through this lifestyle.  Our Founder has lost over 94 pounds following this plan, and has been cured of Type II diabetes and high blood pressure.  If just one life can be saved, or one person can live a little longer, our Founder believes that his mission has been completed. 

Our Purpose

The Raw Gourmand serves as a raw food critic for any restaurant, product or recipe that will help promote a healthier lifestyle for those wishing to follow a raw/vegan diet, either in full, or in part.

This year, we added an internet component to our operation in order to provide our readers with a modern way to do business.

The Content

Our distinguished catalog of reviews will be posted to this site in order to allow others to read about the restaurants, products and recipes that our Founder has discovered and reviewed.