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REVIEW OF: Bryan Au, Raw Organic Eco Chef And his Products

Bryan Au

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Some time ago, I was introduced to the works of Bryan Au, a Chef and Author. On a daily basis, through research, introduction and rumor, I discover another raw food chef, and even more raw food authors.  My question, as a critic, was a simple one; what, if anything, distinguishes this chef and author from the myriad of others in the industry?  So, we met over e-mails through the internet.  I received some of his products for review, and my question was answered.  Bryan Au is on top of his game, and I hope this series of reviews will enlighten you as to why you need to look into his website, his recipe books, his products and his services.

Bryan is a raw organic chef, and he makes himself available all over the world for lectures, presentations, demonstrations, book signings, interviews, product endorsements and licensing.  The pictures of his preparations, which I will be sharing on my website at are amazing.  I jokingly accused him of displaying plastic food for his photos. The colors are amazing, and the presentation is unbelievable. 

I invite each of you to check out his website at for more information, and encourage you to follow these reviews of his products.  I will be reviewing his phenomenal ceramic knife, a ceramic peeler, a set of three (3) raw DVD’s in one, the Five Star Raw Spa Cuisine recipe book, and a terrific, easy to read and follow recipe book entitled Raw In Ten Minutes from which I have tried several recipes. 

Overall, this well-rounded young man is a perfect addition to the “raw food world,” and I appreciate all that he has done.  You should receive one review every other day.  Read them carefully, and be sure to check out the pictures on his website.  I think you will be amazed.

In addition to the reviews, watch for a special offer that Bryan is giving to anyone who purchases one of his ceramic knives and mentions that they heard about it through our reviews.  Free gifts are always nice, and this is one you will be able to wear with pride.


Keep reading.  You will receive the first review in two days.

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REVIEW OF:Bryan Au, Raw Organic Eco Chef

Ceramic Knives

Many people have told me “a knife is just a knife!”  This could not be further from the truth.  I was asked by Chef Bryan Au to review his ceramic knives.  And, here it is; this is my honest opinion and my review of the ceramic knives in general, and his specifically.

Ceramic Knife Ceramic knives are special and better in so many ways.  First, a ceramic knife will never rust since it is not made of steel. There is no chance of getting metal ions in your prepared foods.  As a raw/vegan and a person concerned about health, I do not want possible toxins in my food. Since ceramic will not react with foods the way metal can, sliced foods stay fresh longer.  Best of all, your fruits and vegetables will not wilt or turn brown because of contact with metal.  With these knives, there is another advantage.  Since the handle is made from Eco Luxurious Bamboo, it also helps to save the environment.

Until now, Kyocera has produced the most popular black ceramic blade.  Their 6” Ceramic Chef’s Knife retails for $225.00, and can be found on sale for around $202.50.  They do have some cheaper models, but even those run $15-$18 per inch.  This is quite an investment for the beginning chef.  The question is, how will the Raw Star Ceramic Knife compare to the “top of the line” Kyoceras. 

The first thing I noticed about the knife was the sleek design.  The black blade with the bamboo handle is very, very elegant.  But, having a lot of experience with knives, I know that appearance is not everything.  As I removed the knife from its box, I could not help but notice that it had a perfect balance for cutting. The Au knife has wonderful balance from hilt to tip for cutting all types of foods where a serrated edge is not required. With a blade slightly heavier than the handle, the balance is precise.  In the case of this knife, the heft (weight) allows the user to rely more on gravity than on sheer muscle.  However, the relative lightness compared to stainless steel knives is noticeable. 

Personally, I love the fact that ceramic knives tend to stay sharp and hold an edge 10-15 times longer than the finest stainless steel knives.  With the knife, I was able to slice tomatoes, carrots, celery and other vegetables with no effort whatsoever.  From the tip, through the edge, and all the way to the heel, the knife cuts evenly and effortlessly.  With raw carrots, slight pressure on the spine allows a good clean cut.  The bolster of this knife provided excellent protection for my fingers while cutting these and other root vegetables.

While preparing a salad using the new knife, I also decided to smash some garlic cloves.  I have long used the blade of my knife for this action, but that has always been with a stainless steel knife, and never with a ceramic.  I found that the ceramic, despite its lightweight feel, worked wonders.  The hard ceramic surface of the blade makes an excellent “garlic smasher.”

At a price of about $10 an inch, these knives are a steal for the experienced and amateur chef.  I found them on his website at a great price, and also on  As an extra incentive to my readers, Chef Au is willing to include a free 100% organic cotton t-shirt with every knife order (a $20 value) if you mention that you read about his knives in this review.  Listed on his website, you will find an 8” knife for $80, a 7”knife for $70, a 6” knife for $60 and a 4” knife for $25. 

Personally, I will be adding several to my kitchen utensil collection.  I can make you a promise; if you use one of these knives one time, you will not want to go back to using stainless steel.  Cleanup is quick and easy.  They will also make great holiday and birthday gifts for friends and family. 

Watch for our next review in a couple of days.  This one will be on a DVD that Chef Au has produced.  You will love it, and it will help you prepare some wonderful raw meals, hopefully using your new black ceramic knives.

REVIEW OF:Bryan Au, Raw Organic Eco Chef

Ceramic Peeler

Ceramic Peeler 

I know that everyone reading this review has at least one peeler in their kitchen drawer.  Let me describe it for you.  It is metal, silver in color, has a curved, open handle and a cutting blade that is turning orange and rusty.  If you don’t have one of these peelers in your kitchen drawer, then you have either wised up to the advantages of ceramic, or you just did not dig far enough into the back of the drawer.

Ceramic cutting utensils are not the wave of the future.  They are now!  Most of you read my review about Bryan Au’s Raw Star Ceramic Knives.  Now I have the chance to introduce you to another ceramic product that will be easier to use, and safer for you and your loved ones.

As I said in the previous review, ceramic cutting utensils will never rust since they are not made of steel.  There is no chance of getting metal ions in your prepared foods.  As a raw/vegan and a person concerned about my health, I do not want possible toxins in my food. Since ceramic will not react with foods the way metal can, sliced foods will stay fresh longer.  Best of all, your fruits and vegetables will not wilt or turn brown because of contact with metal.  And, this is just a start.  Having a peeler that will stay sharp for at least two (2) years is wonderful. 

You will also notice that the Raw Star Ceramic Peeler has a solid handle, not the open metal handle of the “ancient” peelers of days past.  With a solid handle, rather than a decorative open handle, there are no nooks and crannies to hold food particles or germs.  Despite the solid handle, this peeler is extremely lightweight.  To review this peeler, I peeled 20 carrots, 10 cucumbers, 2 apples and a zucchini.  For either fruits or vegetables, the peeler worked wonders and did its job well.  Besides peeling, I was also able to cut thin slices of fruit and vegetables to make decorative slices for different dishes. The 1 ¾” cutting area is sufficient for most peelings and cuttings, but I would love to see Bryan come out with a wider peeler.  The Raw Star peeler is excellent for replacing a mandolin for smaller things, but I would love to be able to replace the mandolin for everything.  To me, a mandolin is very dangerous, and I would like to see them completely removed from all home kitchens, and reserved for industrial use.

A quick search of the internet finds ceramic peelers ranging in price from $9.95 to $17.95.  The Raw Star scores first place in the price war at just $7 on Bryan’s website at They basically all have an identical design, although the colors may vary. The Raw Star, with its green handle and white blade, reminds us that we are supposed to be staying “green.”  I like the reminder. 

I appreciate the ceramic peeler that Bryan sent me to review, and I like it so much, he won’t be getting it back (but don’t tell him).  As I said with the ceramic knives, these peelers will make great holiday and birthday gifts for friends and family.  I encourage you to check out his website and get yourself a Raw Star Ceramic Peeler today.