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REVIEW OF:Checkered Parrot

A New Orleans Restaurant

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Okay, I am the first to admit that when you think raw, New Orleans is not the first place that comes mind, unless you are thinking raw oysters on the half shell.  But when visiting a place like NOLA, you sometimes have to take the initiative, and not just depend on what the menu lists as possible choices.

I always attempt to arrive in New Orleans the night before taking a cruise.  This gives me a chance to relax, dine and walk up and down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.  This trip was no different, except that this time, I would be dining raw.  If nothing else, I knew I could get a garden salad (hopefully).  So, with my party of seven (7), I arrived at the Checkered Parrot on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

One look at the menu told me that I would have to be creative.  The choices ranged from nachos covered with cheese and choices of meats, French Dip sandwiches, Shrimp Po-Boys, burgers and even salads.  Ah, but there’s the rub.  The salads were chef’s salad, covered with meats and cheeses, Caesar salads with anchovy dressing, chicken salad, of course topped with chicken, or the classic “garden salad.”  The problem with the traditional garden salad, is that it is offered as a side item, complete with NOTHING.  This was the case here.  A garden salad consisted of chopped lettuce, tomatoes, croutons and cheese.  Partially raw, partially vegan, and totally unacceptable for the raw diner.

So Stephanie, our waitress took everyone’s orders, and approached me last.  I briefly explained my dietary requirements.  I told her to ask the chef if they would prepare me a salad.  I told her that the chef could use any fresh vegetable, and even add any fresh fruits.  She seemed accommodating, and only asked if there were any particular vegetables or fruits that I wanted.  I told her that it was just the contrary. The chef could use any of these items that w

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