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REVIEW OF:Revelation of Fearlessness

Held at The House of Bliss

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Koya Webb


Quote by Koya Webb: “I have soul nights because I want to get amazing people together to share the best type of food, the best entertainment and just have a good time.”

Normally, this critic is involved with writing reviews of restaurants and the magnificent foods they prepare, or of individual chefs and their creations.  On occasion, I get to do something a little different, and on this night, I was honored to attend Koya Webb’s monthly “Revelation of Fearlessness.”  She holds a “party” for forty (40) friends she invites on a monthly basis to “share the best type of food, the best entertainment and just have a good time.”  This night was no exception. 

Held in Malibu, at the home of David Rotman, a former producer and now comic writer, this dinner and gathering was held in one of the most beautiful sights imaginable.  The home, built from almost every building material available, was stunning.  With hardwood floors, stucco walls, stone fireplace hearths, large glass windows and natural wood doors, a person trying to get back to nature had every element at their disposal.  The balcony overlooked the Pacific Coast and one can only imagine what this pristine area looked like before Malibu became a city.  The setting was perfect, and the given name, “The House of Bliss” was perfect for the home.  

Our host, Koya Webb, is originally from the small town of Humboldt, located in the Western part of Tennessee.  This small-town girl has found her niche in the limelight of Los Angeles.  Now a speaker, athlete, actor and model, Koya has come a long way from the days of running in the fields with her brothers and sister.  In high school, after becoming the starting forward on the basketball team, she realized “there was nothing she couldn’t do.”  At 5’10”, she is a sight to see with her lean model’s body, muscles in just the right places, and wearing 5” heels, there is no mystery as to why she did well on shows like “American Gladiator” and “Fear Factor.” 

The night began with Koya serving alkalized water with strawberries floating in the cooler.  The light taste of strawberries added a hint of freshness to the water.  Moreover, with the water being alkalized, it helps reduce the acidity of the body fluids, and therefore helps your body fight disease.  As Koya pointed out, “diseases can’t live in an alkaline environment.” 

Meanwhile, Ra Yoba was preparing pizza bites.  These small appetizers consisted of a cucumber base, sliced into small, silver dollar-sized slices, topped with a pepper & tomato salsa, and covered with shredded coconut & dulse.   In addition, the guests were snacking on Koya’s Happy Trail mix consisting of raisins, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and cayenne (to speed up metabolism). 

Victoria, of Charisma Cuisine ( had prepared a Lebanese Tabouleh (spelled many different ways) made from sprouted quinoa (pronounced keen-wa).  Quinoa, with a protein content of 10 to 18% and a fat content of only 4.1 to 8.8%1 is an excellent dietary supplement.  The Incans of Peru knew of the nutritional value for years, and it is just becoming part of the mainstream diet.  Added to the Quinoa was, olive oil, lemon and Bragg Liquid Amino Acids.  

Koya’s sous chef for the evening was Ra.  Her laugh and good-natured attitude was a real addition to the “kitchen staff,” and I enjoyed chatting with her as she finalized the dishes for the potluck dinner.  Assisting Ra with the salad was Eena.  I asked her what she was preparing.  She said “a simple salad.”  When I asked what was going into the salad, she replied, “whatever they give me.”  Now that is my kind of salad! 

Before we ate, I interviewed Koya, and discovered that she has been raw for about four (4) years.  She said that she has these soul nights once a month because it gives people a chance to get together, eat, talk, enjoy music and share.  This night’s crowd was a little smaller than usual because Koya had been in Tokyo filming a Nordic Track commercial, and that took much of her time. Nevertheless, everyone seemed to have a great time, and the size of the crowd did not matter.  There seemed to be “40 people worth of stories” in the small crowd.

We then were “allowed” to take part in the buffet.  Actually, at this point, the food looked so good, I am not sure if everyone could have been held back.  We started on one end of the table with the Simple Salad covered with Koya’s Southern Slaw, lemon juice, coconut oil, basil, oregano, dulse and shredded coconut.  We moved on to a delicious Sweet and Sassy Spinach Salad tossed with agave, lemon juice and coconut oil.  Every leaf of the spinach was covered with dressing and it was delicious.  

The highlight of the dinner was Koya’s Casserole.  Koya prepares this dish with soaked pumpkin seeds, soaked sunflower seeds, soaked almonds, spices, herbs and “other things.”  I could not get her to divulge the “other things.”  She then dehydrates this mixture and covers it with a delicious cashew cheese made with cashews, lemon, Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids and cashew butter.  Again, I could not get her to give me the actual recipe.  This signature dish will be hers forever, probably like her grandmother’s secret fried chicken recipe of her youth.  

Koya’s Cha-Cha Chili was also served, along with a fruit plate brought by guests Frank Maloney and Nyla Nguyen.  These completed the meal.  The fresh fruit, consisting of pineapple, strawberries and other colorful and nutritious fruits help culminate a satisfying fare. 

After the meal, we were treated to singing, everyone sharing their favorite part of the meal, and overall fantastic fellowship.  I give the evening a score of “PHENOMENAL” and encourage everyone in the Los Angeles area to contact Koya to be placed on the guest list for next month’s gathering.
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