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REVIEW OF: What’s Not Cookin’ in Rhio’s Kitchen, Volume 1

A Recipe DVD by Rhio

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What do you get when you combine beauty, charm, talent and a desire to share what the raw/living food lifestyle can do for you?  Rhio!  Rhio is an exciting, innovative singer, author, investigative reporter, and preparer of raw/live foods.  I found myself rapt in my desire not to let this 90-minute video end.  Recipe after recipe, tip after tip kept me engrossed and waiting to see what she would teach me next.

Having not heard of Rhio, I really did not know what to expect.  I saw an attractive woman, in a kitchen setting, and assumed that this video would be like any other.  I could not have been more wrong.  From the opening scenes of Rhio acting silly, attempting to play tennis, riding her bicycle, and singing, I was hooked.  I wanted this video to run forever. Her sweet melodic voice kept me wanting more.  And that was just the introduction.  She then moved into the kitchen.

Her first “lesson” is about the dangers of dairy products, and the solution for this in the raw food world.  She uses her investigative research skills to explain why dairy products are dangerous for us, and shares her recipe for nut milks by demonstrating how to prepare almond milk.  Unlike many presenters, Rhio does not waste any of the leftover by-products leftover from preparing raw foods.  In the case of almond milk, she explains how the residual pulp, which remains after “milking” the nuts, can be used as a wet ingredient in other recipes, or can be dehydrated to make almond flour for future use.

I especially enjoyed two things about this video.  First, the video is not a “thrown together” production.  It was obviously well planned and choreographed.  The technical aspects are perfect, and the transition from scene to scene is precise.  This is not something I am accustomed to seeing in inexpensive video productions.  And second,  I appreciate the fact that she transitions from recipe to recipe in a coherent and systemic manner.  First, she made the almond milk, and then shows us how to make a smoothie using the milk.  After this, she makes a “cream cheese” using macadamias and a variation of the almond milk.  Then, as promised when she made the almond milk, instead of leaving us wondering what to do with the leftover almond pulp, she shows us how to dehydrate it into almond flour.  Rhio goes on to suggest using either the wet almond pulp or the almond flour as an ingredient, in addition to whole almonds, to make the bagels; and finally the cream cheese can be used as a topping for the bagels. 

Rhio reminds us that the cereals for sale in the grocery store are loaded with “preservatives, additives, artificial colors and flavors, fillers, are pumped full of air, and loaded with lots of sugars under many different names.”  Her recipe for g’raw’nola cereal made my mouth water as it was being preparing.  You could almost taste the sweet almond milk poured over dehydrated sprouted buckwheat.  She then tops the cereal with mango, kiwi, raisins (left over from a crème brulée recipe) and banana.  This breakfast would fill even the heartiest of eaters.  As I write this, I am sitting in a hotel lobby watching the guests eat a breakfast of processed cereals, various chicken and cow products, saturated fats and canned fruits.  What I would not give for a big bowl of Rhio’s cereal!

Many of us who are raw, find ourselves missing some of the foods of the past.  Even though we know these foods are bad for us, we miss the tastes and textures of those old “comfort foods.”  For Rhio, one of her favorites was crème br lée.  She said one day she “became inspired” and tried to think of something that she could substitute for the cream. She decided to try coconut.  Using her Champion Juicer and a young Thai coconut, she is able to make coconut cream.  She added a few more ingredients (sorry, you have to buy the DVD), and topped it with Sundial Black African Honey to mimic the flavor of caramel.  This critic has not tried the recipe yet, but if it is half as good as it looks, it will be a winner.

For me, Rhio’s next recipe is amazing.  Prior to my change to a vegan lifestyle, yogurt was always one of my favorite foods.  Every week, I would buy dozens of small containers at the grocery store, and I even went through a period where I made my own yogurt.  Of course as a vegan, I expected to never eat yogurt again.  The thought of putting a dairy product into my mouth was tantalizing, and yet disgusting at the same time.  Then came Rhio.  This video showed me that I could make yogurt from nuts and seeds.  Is it possible to make nut and seed milk yogurt using kefir or yogurt cultures?  Yes it is!  This video helped me understand that I can make this yogurt without using kefir or cultures as starters, and I can actually make it from scratch without adding anything.  Rhio makes it look especially easy.  Yum!  Yogurt to serve over my fruit or in my smoothies made from almonds, macadamias or any other nut or seed, YUM!!

From here, we are introduced to such recipes as “Broccoli and Chedda Sauce,” “Chedda Cheeze,” “Veggie See Paté,” and “Collard Rolls.”  Each of these recipes are included on the DVD in pdf format so that you can print them and add them to your recipe file.  However, before you put the DVD away, be sure to keep watching for the bloopers at the end.  Rhio is so good about laughing at herself and her mistakes.  It is Hilarious and fun.

In summary, I have one word for this DVD….WOW!!!  Rhio makes preparing raw food recipes fun and easy.  This is one that I will watch again and again, and expect to prepare each and every recipe for friends and family.  I look forward to the Volume 2 & 3 scheduled to be released in 2010.

About Rhio:  Rhio is a singer and author, as well as an investigative reporter in the area of health and environmental issues.  She is of Hungarian-Cuban descent, raised in the U.S. and completely fluent in Spanish.  Her first book Hooked on Raw is about living a life more closely aligned with Nature, by adopting a raw/live food lifestyle.  Rhio also hosts an internet radio show called Hooked on Raw which can be heard worldwide at  More information about her music can be accessed at

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